Tom Bowring
Tom BowringPastor, Oakham Baptist Church
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'Exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t want another 6 week course, I wanted to make sharing Jesus our lifestyle. When I found i61 movement I said 'Thank you Jesus, this will do it!’
Culture won’t change without a plan. We inspire, equip and support churches with our App, resources and roadmap. Together, we embed sharing Jesus into your church culture. That’s our plan…
will you join us?
‘We saw increased  numbers at 3 recent events. Bringing i61m into our Church has encouraged a confidence to invite friends and family.’
Steve & Angie Campbell
Steve & Angie CampbellSenior Pastors, The C3 Church Cambridge
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‘I am so glad to see so many different denominations picking i61m up, make sure you get on board!’
Bishop Mike Royal
Bishop Mike RoyalGeneral Secretary, Churches Together in England
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The i61 roadmap
The roadmap consists of 3 key tracks > Leadership, Sundays and Groups. This isn’t a short course, it’s a culture change. Our partners commit to a 2 year journey as we embed sharing Jesus together.
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> Leadership

Culture change starts with leaders, willing to embrace and model sharing life, faith and Jesus. We have a packaged solution to help you become a Jesus-sharing Church, and a dedicated support team to help you embed it.

> Sundays

Changing culture takes consistency. After an official i61 launch, regular testimonies and short videos on Sundays keep momentum. Over time, your church begin to boldly invite their friends to meet Jesus for themselves. Your church welcomes them home, thriving with a faith-filled body and new disciples.

> Groups

We journey with you through our online series. Groups turn intention into action by regularly gathering to set Acts in the App. Habits are built through accountability and consistency. Confidence grows with encouragement and prayer.

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Look in-depth


Own it, model it, share it with your team


Launch, inspire & engage


Accountability, Encouragement & Action

Roadmap timeline

Month 1-3 >

Share i61 Movement with your leadership team, own it & model it together

Month 4 >

Present on Sunday
Engage your church
Engage your small groups

Month 5+ >

Monthly i61m slot across
Leadership team, Sundays
& small groups
Underpinned by church leadership
What’s the i61 support?
Together, we will see the most valuable fruit in the Kingdom of God: confident believers leading their friends to Him and welcoming them into your Jesus sharing church family.
i61 Partner Churches