Let’s partner to serve and enhance.
Let’s keep sharing Jesus
at the heart of ministry
Sharing Jesus at the heart of ministry
‘We are very excited to be working with John and the team at i61m.’
Journey in partnership
‘I am confident they will use their experience of including evangelism with social action to inspire many to join their new venture. i61m will resource Christians to share their faith with the poor they help through churches.”

> Paula Stringer,
Christians Against Poverty
Equip your teams to confidently share Jesus in what they do.
‘Since our first meeting with Carl his support and encouragement for i61m has been incredible, we look forward to seeing what God will do with our working partnership and the members of NPN. Thank you Carl for all you do.’
– John Kirkby, Founder of i61m

Our mission: to see every Christian confidently sharing Jesus.

We work closely and relationally with ministries to build their teams confidence to share life, faith and Jesus. i61m embeds into the fantastic work they do and equips teams to overcome the unique evangelistic challenges they face.
So why become a Partner Ministry?
  • With you every step

    Our dedicated Ministry Partnership Team support and equip you and your teams to implement i61m. We're together with you on the journey.

  • Exclusive Events

    We provide a 2 day mission critical Partner Conference, with subsidised places if needed.

  • Fresh & first

    Continually developing the resources available to you, with the earliest access to content on release. Ensuring you have the very best tools to fulfil your vision for evangelism in your Ministry.

  • The power of together

    The more Ministries partner with us, the more it encourages others to join. Together, we gain momentum and reach, meaning more Christians can grow confident to share Jesus in their spheres.