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Here’s access to all the content and support you need to run i61m when you gather.
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Intro to the

Here’s an intro webpage for leaders to check out the movement, and our Youtube Channel for content to inspire others. Need anything else? Email support@i61m.org
The support team for your journey:

Your i61m

Here’s the format to run an i61m Session, any time, anywhere. Our deep dives give you why, how and goal ideas for sharing your life, faith & Jesus.
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Small Group Options

1. Incorporate i61m into your Regular Christian Group. Intro i61m with a dedicated first session, then embed an ongoing segment within your group to update goals, pray & encourage one another.

2. Set up a stand-alone i61m group, meeting each month, giving you more space to pray, watch content and share the journey together.

3. Join i61 LIVE. Join the official i61m online group once a month with John and the team.

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The i61m App helps turn your desire into action. Set goals wherever you gather to share life, faith and Jesus. It’s working for Christians all over the world. Start your journey now.

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