i61 Group Guide


Session 6 & Beyond

Each session we will cover our 3 key areas:

Inspire + Engage

Support + Coach

Review + Update

Start your time with:

Start with prayer and thanksgiving - it is important to start the group with God at the centre and open to how the Holy Spirit is moving.

Inspire & Enagage

Share testimonies from the group:

Share encouraging stories of how people have moved towards their goals in the last month? 

Make sure that even if this has been shared via message that all testimonies are verbally communicated when meeting face to face… This is a huge part of encouraging one another.

Support & Coach

Review & Update

Do we need to set new goals? 

By this point people may have more than one person they are reaching out to and sharing with. This will generate more than one goal which is a healthy part of sharing Jesus as a lifestyle not something we have to do. 

People can set as many goals as they wish but the focus is on meaningful connection and building deeper relationships. Remind the group to keep it simple.


Thank people for joining, next time for meeting, remind of testimonies and encourage them to share life, share faith and share Jesus this next month.

Pray to finish


We are here to support you on your journey with Isaiah 61 Movement.
If we can help in any way please email us at support@i61m.org.