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Plug the movement into any time, anywhere.

Before the session >

Download the App, complete the quick ‘im new’ intro & create your personal i61m account.

Start >

Start with > A warm welcome & prayer. Give the time to God.

Quick background to i61m > Watch John's 'Intro to i61m’ video

The Journey > i61m is about confidently moving our relationships through three stages >

Share Life > Finding and deepening friendships
Share Faith >
Growing in confidence to share your faith story
Share Jesus > An invitation for someone to discover more of Him for themselves

Our Deep Dives give you ‘why, how’ and goal ideas for sharing your life, faith & Jesus >

Inspire >

Watch your choice of i61m Video Content from our Youtube Channel.
E.g. 'Why share faith?' or 'How to share Jesus'.

Encourage and celebrate success - share a goal achieved story

Goals >

Short intro to goals >

The key to i61m is setting goals. This is how we turn a heart and desire into faith-filled, accountable action. Choose your own, simple, doable goals for the relationships around you. Set a deadline!

Reminder > This isn’t a sprint, this is a life journey, and it’s YOUR journey.

In the App >

Review / discuss your previous goals. Mark any achieved as complete!

Share > Ups, downs & ideas. Pray > Thank God for confidence and inspiration for our next goal.

Brief Goal Guide >

Share Life > How could you find or deepen a friendship? Connect more with those around you? Clubs, social action, colleagues, walks, coffees etc.

Share Faith > Who have you shared life with, and can now begin sharing about your faith story with? Do they know you’re Christian, or go to church? Offer to pray, share how being a Christian helps you.

Share Jesus > Who have you shared life and faith with, what’s your invitation for them to discover Him? Use ‘Would you like to…’ > meet my Christian mates? Do Alpha with me? Pray? Come to a church?

Don’t forget, Deep Dives for each goal are there if needed.

Set your goal!

Always pray >

Pray for our friends and for one another. Encourage with one of our core verses: Isaiah 61:1 or Hebrews 10:35
The Spirit IS on us to proclaim good news - therefore do not throw away your confidence.

We're in this together

We are here to support you on your journey with Isaiah 61 Movement.

If we can help you in any way please email support@i61m.org
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