.The story.

.of i61m.

It kind of started with
John’s arrest
Marriage ending.
Huge debt.
Lost everything.
this is
Now this is John
Doctorate and CBE.
Founder of 2 Global Charities.
Healed and restored.
Life transformed.
His friend Paul introduced him to
But 30 years on, over 150,000 lives changed through CAP, John found himself in a Christian bubble, struggling to share his faith. Evangelical Alliance’s research says 8 in 10 Christians want to share faith, but find it hard to do it. We are not alone.

God gave John Isaiah 61:1 ‘The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has annointed me to proclaim good news.’
Can every Christian confidently share Jesus?
John gathered a small monthly house group. We shared our barriers, we prayed, we set small Acts to overcome them. We began building an App as a tool to help us.

Step by step we shared life: grew non-Christian friendships. Then we shared faith: grew in confidence to share God within our story. Then on the foundation of deep friendship we shared Jesus: we invited our friends to meet Him. Some said no… but some said YES!
Then it grew…
Isaiah 61 Movement launched in March 2023. Since then, Christians, Churches and Ministries around the world have set over 1700 Acts to share life, faith & Jesus. The App is live on App stores and groups are journeying together. We have partnerships, resources, a video series, relational support, and we continue to give it all away for free. God is in this.
Our mission:
Every Christian
confidently sharing